Plato’s Medicinals Dark Scar Corrector



 Dark scars don’t need to become a permanent blemish on your skin. Soften and correct the appearance of scars with Plato’s Dark Scar Corrector – this product directly targets the dark pigmentation resulting from abnormal melanin deposits that accumulate in scars. A best-seller, this product not only corrects discoloration caused by existing scars, but it also prevents the onset and duration of pigmentation in new scars, such as those from acne, burns, and body trauma. Additionally, Plato’s Dark Scar Corrector contains four active sunblocks, as well as skin lighteners, to keep your scars and skin safe from sun damage. Plato’s Medicinals Dark Scar Corrector is part of a two-step scar regimen along with Plato’s Medicinals Scar Serum.

Targets existing skin pigmentation and future discoloration issues resulting from new scars

Contains four active sun screens to protect scars and skin from the sun

Appropriate for all skin types and colors, may even be used on oily skin

Best if used as part of the Scar Therapy Mini Kit 

20 gm

Key Ingredients


How To Use

Use twice daily. Cleanse your skin and pat dry prior to use. Apply a thin coat of Dark Scar Corrector onto the skin and massage gently into the scar. As part of a two-step scar regimen, apply Dark Scar Corrector before applying Scar Serum.


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